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Global warming written into food guidelines

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Expect larger food labels and intend to spend more on food with less nutrition. Global warming is soon to be injected into food guidelines. What might global warming have to do with national nutrition recommendations? Well, nothing.

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According to Washington Examiner, administration officials are plotting with the Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services to prescribe dietary requirements with foods they think have a lower carbon footprint. Carbon is being sucked out of our air and now recommended for deletion from our diets.

Never at a loss to insert omnipresent agenda, the administration seeks to relate the CO2 hoax to our daily bread. The new food nutrition labeling requirements will increase production costs for small businesses and the price of food for consumers. Taxpayers will pay more too, as the new dietary requirements will increase the cost of food stamps and affect military diets.

Obama’s minions pervert the concept of healthy eating by relating global warming to what we eat. They ignore the fact that CO2 – that carbon-containing molecule – actually benefits agriculture by increasing food production, has no place in dietary recommendations, does nothing for eating well, but does much to advance the hoax for every American who believes the propaganda plastered anew on food.

The Washington Examiner put it clearly:

They are hijacking the guidelines to advance a range of ideological agendas having nothing to do with healthy eating. This isn’t nutrition, it's code language for environmental activism.