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Global warming: What are your views on it?

A moonlit night on the mountains in Arosa, Switzerland.
A moonlit night on the mountains in Arosa, Switzerland.
photo: AP/Keystone, Alessandro Della Bella


  • Nancy Adamson 6 years ago

    I think the evidence of temperature increases paralleling CO2 increases in the last century, and the incredibly quick melting of glaciers around the globe in recent years, is overwhelming. It's very hard for me to understand how people can ignore that.

  • Renee 6 years ago

    Future climate prediction is difficult, as it depends upon many inter-related variables. I think this issue is difficult for some people to grasp since it is based on models and not what is occurring right now, except for the glacier melt, which is "far away" and their need for employment is immediate. I think the best approach to this argument is a multi-faceted one. The US dependence on fossil fuels that create climate change cause many other problems, such as our dependence on foreign countries that are politically volatile or unfriendly to the US for the fuel, the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels other than CO2, like smog, and oil spills from tankers on the ground and in the ocean that cause damage to ecosystems.

  • April 6 years ago

    The Science Channel had a program on last week about the possible consequences of global warming of even 1 more degree. On top of the world's consumption of fossil fuels, cattle represent a larger portion of greenhouse gases than I realized: the methane that they exhale. It has something to do with their method of digestion. There are indeed, many layers to this problem and some of the answers may include reducing the consumption of beef for climate reasons as well as lost and degraded ecosystems from unsustainable farming practices. Wind and solar energy are a good bet if efforts are made to reduce dangers to migrating birds.

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