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Global Warming radicals are in for a tough week

We are merely one month into the winter of 2014 and it’s shaping-up to be one of the coldest on record for the United States and many parts of the world. Temperatures are plunging to new record lows daily. Snow is falling in the southern U.S. in places that only see it a few times a century. Rivers are freezing thicker and faster in many states than they have in generations. Just a few years ago Meteorologists were reporting similar winter temperatures, record snow accumulations, and hard-freeze warnings yet somehow the fear-mongering drumbeat of the global warming (climate change) fanatics gets louder.

We all expect this tantrum-like rhetoric to spew from the likes of the campus radicals, Hollywood elites, and Marxist’s masquerading as environmentalists. We know who you are, we know what to expect from you, and we know to ignore you. However, the real danger arises when very powerful and influential people spew the same ignorant rhetoric, specifically our own President.

Frankly, President Obama probably cares very little about global warming. However, he cares very deeply for his own political power and legacy which is why he acquiesces the demands of these pinheads whenever he can. The Democrats and especially the Progressive Liberals engage in the same nonsensical rhetoric for political expediency as well.

A disastrous blow to the credibility of the global warming crowd’s message will strike next week: a double-whammy if you may. President Obama will deliver our nations annual State of the Union address Tuesday evening and more importantly the Super Bowl is the following Sunday. Arguably two of the most highly publicized and watched events every year, here and abroad. The forecasted high temperature in Washington D.C. this Tuesday is a balmy 19 degrees and a low of 11 degrees, average temperatures in January typically run around 43 degrees high and 29 degrees low. Super Bowl XLVIII is currently forecasted to be played in much more seasonable temperatures of 37 degrees high and 27 degrees low, but snow may force a change in the time or date of the game.

Expect to hear President Obama attempt to formulate a coherent message about the dangers of global warming in his speech Tuesday evening while staring into a crowd of frost-bitten faces. Also expect President Obama, you, me, and maybe a billion more people to enjoy the Super Bowl in white-out conditions or postponed because of them.

Nevertheless, the global warming crowd loses big this week, once again.

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