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Global warming proved wrong

Winter in West Central Ohio, reminds me of winter in my childhood days living in the Akron, Ohio area. Granted in the past ten years we have had 70 degree weather in January, snowless Christmases, and drier winters than I am use to. The Akron area does get lake effect weather, therefore gets more moisture. West Central Ohio very rarely gets any lake effect weather. Most of their weather comes barreling from the west or southwest. There are times we think that global warming was fact, rather fiction.

Global warming is indeed fiction. As I have said before, the weather goes in hundred year cycles. Every one hundred years or so, the weather goes through a "cleansing" cycle. Moisture cleanses the atmosphere, the extreme cold kills bacteria that builds up when the weather is warm and humid. It also kills parasites, insects, keeping their population in check.

Heat will also kill off some bacteria and insects, but also will cause increase atmospheric actions and reactions that will either give us rain or drought, depending on the weather cycle. To believe that because we have had an unusually long rain cycle or heat and dryness due to what man has put into the atmosphere is totally absurd. We cannot change the weather, no matter what we do, or don't do, except on some extreme occasions.

God is in control of everything he has created, He commands the sun, the rains, and stars. The whole universe, as well as the planets, especially the Earth, are in the palms of His hands. Only He can command a climate change; and only He can command the actions of nature. To think otherwise is to be totally ignorant of one's basic nature. As we make advances in technology, we run the same risk as the people of Babylon, when they built the tower to get closer to God and heaven, He scattered them and gave them different languages to speak. That was God exerting His authority, not evolution or climate change.

Soon, and I feel very soon during the tribulation period, we will see God dramatically exert His authority by bringing a change in the weather, political, economic, and social lives of every social group living. When He does, we will still ignore His influence in our lives and in creation. We will see one third of plant life on earth die, we will see water become incredibly polluted and scarce, food will become scarce, we will see our social and political system change. When we finally wake up, it will be too late. There will be no evolutionary process in play, no climate change to blame. It will be God in all his glory exerting His authority.

People, let us open up our eyes to the sin that will be our downfall, and repent. If we repent, God will spare us as a group, or individually, of the impending doom that is to befall this earth. Listen, read, watch, and pray. Or do nothing and be extinguished forever.

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