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Global warming kooks sign petition to lower sun temperature

That sun is burning us up, causing global warming, and the moonbats who think we humans are causing global warming say we should low the temperature of the damned sun that is burning us up. Tell that to resident of New York City and Toronto in January when the're being buried in snow.

Global warming kooks sign petition to lower temperature of the sun

Far left loons protesting at the White House against the Keystone XL pipeline were asked, and were more than willing to sign a petition to low the temperature of the sun. This video shows the moonbat protestors more than willingly signing the petition. The petition asked Congress to pass legislation to lower the temperature of the sun.

This is a brilliant idea that so clearly illustrates the ignorance of those on the far left who believe that we humans cause global warming. This is pure vanity, the fact is we as humans couldn't cause global warming if we tried to (which is why the far left now calls it “climate change” instead) and we can't change anything tht would prevent global warming, if it's actually happening. But science has proved it isn't happening, because any extra carbon dioxide that is emitted into the air is inhaled by trees and other plant life. So keep exhaling and burning fossil fuels so we emit even more carbon dioxide and make the trees grow faster.

So the same fools who think we cause global warming, think the temperature of the sun can be lowered if Congress will just pass legislation making it happen. Now that is colossal ignorance. Would you expect anything less form the far left?

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