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Global warming, Franciscans and Marco Rubio on The Hill

Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter today refers us to yesterday's article by in The Hill (in prior days, The Hill Rag) by Patrick Carolan of the Franciscan Action Network who takes on Senator Marco Rubio's contention that if global warming is happening, it may be because of God's will. the Carolan piece is at The link to MSW is at way I am passing up this opportunity to dump on both sides.

Marco Rubio, like Sarah Pallin, will go away once the big boys in the GOP decide that a Republican can win the White House. Their current purpose is to hold up as national figures others who had the same experience that Barack Obama had when he became President in order to make a point. Clearly, the joke is on them because, last I checked, Obama got his tax plan passed, enacted national health insurance and, oh yes, killed bin Laden.

As for the issue of warming - Rubio is right to the extend that nothing happens without God's consent. It irony is that the high middle ages occurred during a period of warming that was greater than now - although the effects on south Asia, if any, are not well known by western historians. The bad part was the little ice age - which may have worked itself out or been negated by the man-made global warming in the early 19th century with the dawn of industrialization (and the use of coal). Much of the argument about global warming is not really about science.

Global warming is really about capitalism and its tendancy to pollute (including the pseudo-state capitalism of China). I love that debate and, frankly, the question of science versus denial is a distraction. The other need is, of course, mitigation - although it is probably unlikely that you can get people away from the shore - even poor people (I don't care about relocating the wealthy - let them die). Sadly, until disaster is imminent, nothing will happen on moving people out of harms way. THAT they move is no tragedy, especially if they are poor and in a rut. As long as they survive, migration would be good for them - just as it was good for everyone in the Americas.

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