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Global warming forgot

Don't you love all those “doomsday” movies that try to get you to believe that volcanoes, earthquakes, or even the weather will bring us to the very end of existence? Most of those movies seem to base their story around the weather. Snow, blizzards, rain, tornadoes, and more are made to be the biggest and “baddest” phenomenon that ever visited earth. Global warming was never a topic of discussion as I remember it. Scientists these days have made it a topic, but they are doing very little to convince the rest of mankind that it is a real threat.

If I would venture a guess, the global warming forgot it existed, or somebody forgot to wake the global warming entity. Supposedly, scientists figured the earth was warming at an alarming rate. They considered both Arctic poles, Greenland, and mountain peak climates as proof of their warning. Along with that warning, they make it a point that life as we know it is being threatened. Nothing could further from the truth.

We have seen climate change in the past, but that was only twice. The first time was when the Garden of Eden existed. The weather was ideal, temperature in the 70's, no rain fell from the sky, and nights were ideal for sleeping. When Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden because of their disobedience, the weather changed. Temperatures were fluctuated more, cooler at night and warmer in the days. Seasons became the norm.

The next big change came during the time of Noah. Up to the time that Noah completed his Ark, the Earth was watered by a mist that rose from the ground during the evening and overnight hours. From the point when God closed the doors on the Ark, and sealed Noah and his family inside, rain started falling from the sky. For the next forty days and nights the rain fell. The entire earth was flooded, destroying every living thing around, except for those who were tucked away on the Ark along with the animals appointed to be saved. From that day forward the earth has experienced the rain, snow, humidity, hot and cold; the same weather we are experiencing today.

There is a time coming that temperature changes will begin. The Earth will become drier, one third of the Earth will become so dry that plant life will die or burn. When will it happen? No one knows for sure. The signs of the times tell me it could happen anytime in the next twenty years, or less. But that is just an educated guess. Global warming? That is just a scientist pipe dream. Science fiction is full of pipe dreams. God has the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Read His Word, and find out that truth. You will find out how different the truth is, especially when compared to global warming, the “doomsday” movies, or science fiction.

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