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Global warming best solved by communism

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The denizens of the Left made two definitive and hilarious declarations this past week. Number one is that their scientists have declared that global warming is man-made and there is to be no further examination or discussion of the subject as it is "settled science." The second is that the best solution to stop global warming is for all nations to adopt communism.

So the Left's scientists have determined that it is the technologically reduced carbon emissions of capitalist countries that are destroying the planet, while the 19th century technology of China spewing billions tons more soot into the atmosphere will save us. In addition, having government steal the wealth out of the people's hands and make everyone equally destitute will help alleviate the world of their poison. What is now clearly settled science is the psychological delusions of the Left that predisposes them to be the fools of the galactically stupid.

U.N. Climate Chief says communism is the best way to fight global warming