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Global Vacation Network Provides Affordable Global Vacations

The Global Vacation Network provides vacation accomodations for people that are members. The travel company invites people to see a presentation about their vacations and benefits. People that choose to become members then can vacation using the GVN network. Some of the members even attend additional presentations so they can get additional vacations and benefits.

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Consumer Affairs Rank for Global Vacation Network

The consumer affairs website has many testimonials and reviews about Global Vacation Network providing them with an almost 5 star rating. The people that have a complaint are contacted by the company and often times by the owner himself to rectify the issue. Global Vacation Network tours approximately 30,000 couples per year.

The verified reviewer Maryann of Ann Arbor, MI left this review on April 30, 2014:

"I can't remember how we first got an invitation from them to come to a meeting. That was back in about 2001. We had a good experience. We bought three stars at that meeting and then in 2006 we upgraded to six stars. It was a great way to travel with Global Vacation Network and we had a lot of experiences. One of my favorites was Paris. We've been to Paris and Italy. We spent three weeks in Hawaii. That was a really good one too. Three different islands, a week each island. We've been to a lot of places. Santa Fe and Williamsburg and Florida. We've been to a lot of places. We've been happy with our accommodations. Sometimes they're a little dated but they're always exactly what we want. For my bookings I usually talk to Heather. When I book our trips, she's good in getting back to us and getting things when we need them and that type of thing. We went to a meeting just a few weeks ago in Lavonia to go over any changes with the program and we did not upgrade at that time. We already have six hours and we didn't want any more."

Visit the website to see many more verified reviews about Global Vacation Network.

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