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Global Speaker Success Summit professional speaking industry training program

Rick Barnes and Duane Zobrist had an idea six months ago to create a professional speaking industry success program . They spent the time to design the Global Speaker Success Summit with educational sessions about the business of speaking, creating and marketing speaker products and services, industry networking, online marketing resources and strategies, how to create create and develop effective websites, how to design a speaking business success plan, and how to find sponsors for the speaker products and services.

Yesterday, the Global Speaker Success Summit became a reality for Rick and Duane and a group of lucky participants.This event is one of three or four summits they'll host annually.

Entrepreneurs and business partners, Rick and Duane welcomed their first group of participants plus a team of additional professionals to assist in presenting the high-content three-day event at Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in Henderson .

The Global Speaker Success Summit attracted participants from the US and other countries. Participants arrived from as far away as Panama to have the opportunity to learn from successful speaking industry and marketing professionals.

Rick Barnes, one of the event creators, is a former university administrator with almost two decades of professional speaking experience. Rick has made presentations at more than 2,000 college campuses across North America. As a speaker trainer, Rick offers a high-content program which includes his 12-step speaker success strategies. He's straight-forward and cares about helping others succeed. He wants them to have a clear direction and a path for their progress.

Duane Zobrist, an entrepreneur and adventurer, founded the Falcony and Raptor Education Foundation in 1994. He explained his life philosophy," Living a balanced life takes leadership. It takes an individual who knows where they are going and who they want to take with them."

To make the Global Speaker Success Summit a reality took the combined expertise of many professionals including Audrey Hagen, CEO of Platinum Events, a company based in Scottsdale, AZ. Audrey coordinated the Global Speaker Summit and made arrangements for the seminar room and all of the event speakers, she handled the seminar logistics on-site including participant check-in, hotel and catering contracts, and even audio-visual production of the live event.

Professional video production of this event was handled by Brian of Tayside Productions of Scottsdale, AZ.

Global Speak Success Summit participants are learning from this event how it takes a team of professionals to make one person successful. Many of the speakers at this event shared how they incorporate virtual assistants into their businesses and shared insight into the technology that they use to achieve their results.

The speaking roster on this event includes Tom Antion, Jane Ubell-Meyer, Ori Bengal, Wendy Lipton Dibner, and Robert Nations.Tom Antion specializes in helping small business owners to be successful with online marketing . Ori Bengal developed a training program Make Word Press Easy, Jane Ubell-Meyer, author of "How to Land a Sponsor" teaches sponsorhip strategies, Wendy Lipton Dibner offers training in how to create a highly profitable speaking platform, abd Robert Nations specializes in high-paid small group training program development.

Dusty White, Author of " The Easiest Way Ever to Learn the Tarot-Ever" explained that hiring the professionals from the Global Speaker Success Summit will help him cut his business learning curve by years.

To participate in upcoming events contract Audrey Hagen


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