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Global Proving Ground's anti-bullying program, Kidini

Global Proving Ground

Global Proving Ground (GPG) is redefining Mixed Martial Arts entertainment. GPG President and CEO James Jefferson envisioned a MMA organization that remained true to the spirit of martial arts and its principles of honor and respect. The GPG Worldwide Fight League educates and showcases its fighters under the direction of some of the top Masters in the industry, including Grandmaster Ron Van Clief (“The Black Dragon”), UFC champion Dan “The Beast” Severn, and Master Relson Gracie. The fighters receive guidance on how to build their brand, secure bouts, gain sponsors, and receive other beneficial career advice. They also fight in main events across the globe, have access to GPG’s team of experts, and are given the opportunity to try-out for new reality series, “Warrior Island.”

GPG fighters will also represent the Kidini Bully Prevention Child Safety Program, which teaches children self-defense techniques, predator evasion, confidence-building, and much more. The program has received numerous awards, was researched by the University of Delaware, and is available to schools, daycares, and other groups across the country. "A life that has been lived without positively effecting the life of a child is a life that has been wasted," Jefferson said in a news release.

GPG Kidini is a Self-Protection Skills, Bully Prevention, and Child Safety program for children. The GPG "fighter heroes" are taken "from the cage to the school stage" so they can tell their story and inspire the children to make a difference in helping to change this epidemic. Pro fighters who have been bullied or who were themselves bullies, and who are now ready to be part of the solution, are both involved in this program.

For younger participants, the GPG Kidini program combines fun and friendly animal characters with Kidini Story Book & Music CDs that have age-appropriate safety stories and lyrical music, and choreographed dances. The Kidini book was designed for parents to read along, and they include CDs for sing-alongs, so participants can learn the Kidini Team's bully prevention & safety skills.

For older children, GPG offers real, hands-on Martial Arts training, designed to teach participants how to save their life and get out of dangerous situations. The Kidini program helps teachers, parents and guardians teach children how to avoid and/or escape dangerous situations, and empower youth participants with self-confidence.The self protection skills they learn-- utilizing age-appropriate fear management techniques-- help children foster the confidence necessary in order to escape "tricky" people (bullies, child predators and child abductors).

All GPG Kidini instructors and staff go through an extensive background check, and a training and education program, to make sure the highest quality of instructors are available.

Global Proving Ground and its staff are sure to make a positive impact in every community in which they hold events-- across the country, and across the world.

GPG Kidini will launch next month in Virginia, Maryland, and New York City. For more information, visit

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