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Global Entry Arrives at Tocumen Airport, Panama

United States citizens who travel internationally often are all too familiar with long lines, lost luggage, and delayed flights. However, for United States citizens it is possible to help eliminate one of these annoying factors, the long lines.

Global Entry, a United States Customs and Border Protection program designed for frequent international travelers, is now available for use in Panama's Tocumen International Airport.

On Thursday, June 19th, 2014 the Global Entry machine became available for travelers passing through immigration at Panama's international airport. People interested in expediting their travel and who are deemed low-risk travelers are able to simply swipe their passport and pass right through to customs instead of waiting in line to clear Immigration. This is even more advantageous now, as lines grow longer from increased tourism and fingerprints are required to pass through and have your passport stamped, thus resulting in more time taken with each person.

To be eligible, a U.S. citizen must submit the necessary paperwork and attend an interview where it is determined if they are eligible for expedited processing. There is no minimum amount of travel required. Once approved the Global Entry pass is good for five years. There is a $100 fee associated with applying. The pass can be renewed upon expiration.

Now, as frequent flyers from the United States enter Panama they can just swipe their passport and proceed on to picking up their luggage and clearing customs. As Panama becomes and more and more popular travel designation, this is a much welcomed addition to the ever-advancing Tocumen International Airport!

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