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Global Education For All Dream Team: Sue Reager & IntelaText

The world of education as we know it has been flipped on its head. This upset is caused by the introduction of the first cross-language teaching platform that translates speech in real-time into 78 languages as subtitles and 35 languages as computerized voice: Translate Your World. Compatible with WebEx, Skype, Adobe Connect, Blackboard, and any other web conferencing software as well as on-site classes, the Translate Your World platform also instantly creates captioning for the deaf and enables online simultaneous interpretation by human interpreters.

With one swoop, the way educators view their world and their place in it may have changed beyond expectation. Institutions are already scrambling to move their courses online. With the release of Translate Your World, the reach of the courses has exploded to a potential 4 billion new brains eager to absorb all types of learning from K-12 to business courses and corporate training.

The global education Dream Team is comprised of three developers, each well respected in their industries:

- IntelaText - renowned for innovations in mobile phone and device application development in 200 languages and serving Hollywood producers, major sports, and Fortune 500
- ReadSpeaker - the “voice of the web” for thousands of companies that use its technology to turn web text and typed text into attractive spoken words with text-to-speech software
- Sue Reager - CEO of @International Services, an industry expert in linguistic software development whose inventions are licensed by Intel, Cisco Systems, UPS, and others. Sue Reager is also a former teacher with 20+ years experience in training localization.

Translate Your World offers peripheral applications tomeet other needs of schools and training departments such as global recruiting software, international office hours portal, multi-language presentation software, Mobile Tutor, and interactive mobile engagement applications.

Affordable For All

The price of the Translate Your World technology is soaffordable that almost any institution or association can integrate use of the software into their organizational plans. It is professional software, rather than plug-and-play, so must be learned and handled with respect, but that said, the results are amazingly understandable in dozens of languages and include methodologies to improve results over time and an interface to perfect the output for resale or re-viewing.

Sue Reager, CEO of @International Services and conceptualizer of the Translate Your World suite, speaks 10 languages and developed many of the prototypes of the Translate Your World software. She explained, “In general, the brilliance of online education is that it enables everyone to learn from experts located anywhere in the world. The downside has been that the teacher must speak our language. 78% of the global population does not speak our language or they read it but cannot understand spoken words. Translate Your World removes the language impediment, making it possible to share education with anyone anywhere. We receive chat-backs from Haiti, Africa, Asia, and Arab countries that are expressions of sheer joy. For them, it like a new door has opened and the world has welcomed them inside.”

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