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Global discovery vacations on how traveling helps the soul

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Companies like Global Discovery Vacations help link up vacationers to the travel plans that work best for them. The idea of getting away for a few days is often what drives Americans to continue working hard. Envisioning the ideal travel spot – a beach, the ski slope, or even just a nice campsite – brings feelings of joy and excitement to most people. And let’s face it: everyone loves stepping away from the office to enjoy some relaxation.

Despite this love for travel and vacation, the reality of vacationing isn’t always so easy for many Americans. In the overworked culture of the American workforce, many people are forced to work long hours. Spending so much time at work can keep people away from their dreams of vacationing in a far off paradise, or even local fun. Moreover, the focus on staying home and working hard is often strong enough to lock people into continued overworking.

But working too hard doesn’t just hurt vacation plans. In fact, as Global Discovery Vacations and other travel industry experts point out, the old adage about traveling to rest and recharge may carry more weight than most people think. There’s power to the process of going on a vacation. And chronic overworking may drive stress – as well as other health issues – up to dangerous levels.

The dangers of overworking

A number of health experts and researchers have focused their efforts on understanding the importance of vacationing and reducing hours at the office. Dr. Cynthia Thaik, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine, strongly advocates for the importance of getting away. According to her recent Psychology Today post, working too much without taking a break isn’t just bad for a person’s social life. In fact, it can cause serious problems with a person’s overall health and wellness.

Stress from overworking leaves employees frazzled, fatigued, and often slower on the mark. This directly interferes with their ability to perform well on the job.

The common thought most Americans believe is that vacationing takes away from productivity. But as Dr. Thaik mentioned, the opposite is typically true. “Sometimes you just need to take a break and allow yourself some time to relax,” she noted. “Studies suggest that taking a vacation is good for you and your health. In fact, leaving vacation days unused like most Americans, can unfortunately decrease your overall productivity, increase stress and other health risks, and increase the likelihood you’ll burnout at work.”

Beyond productivity issues, employees can face a real and increasing health risk by failing to take regular time off from work.

“Taking a vacation helps revive the heart, rejuvenate your body, recharge your mind, and soothe your soul,” Dr. Thaik furthered. “Research shows that overall health can deteriorate over time if we don’t take a break from work.”

Vacation industry showcases the benefits of travel

Dr. Thaik’s research and understanding of relaxation shows a marked improvement in holistic wellness after even a few days away from a daily routine. And the notion of going on vacation holds very true according to experts in the travel industry, as well.

According to Cathy Wunder, Vice President of the Global Discovery Vacations parent company Global Connections, the benefits of travel and vacation are easy to identify. Wunder works directly in the vacation industry and spends much of her time interacting with customers. As her observations clearly show, there are a host of positive holistic benefits connected to vacationing.

“Google ‘vacation research’ and you’ll find all sorts of studies about how important time away is for your happiness, stress levels and job performance,” Wunder recently discussed. “We believe you have to disconnect in order to recharge.”

Cathy Wunder also reflected how important this principle is within the Global Discovery Vacations business environment. “I see improvement in my own employees’ performances when they take some time off,” she continued. “When they are given the chance to unwind, they come back with renewed energy and even more ideas to make our members' vacations better.”

Time away, anywhere you want

Many people assume that a vacation is unattainable because it means expensive travel, air travel, and hotels. But ‘time away’ can come from something as simple as a few days in a local campsite or a less expensive travel package to a nearby recreation spot. The point is taking some time specifically to get away from the workplace and relax.

“You do not need to take a long two week vacation somewhere out of the country or in Maui,” Dr. Cynthia Thaik reiterated. “It can also be something simple such as a camping expedition or yoga retreat. The point is to get away and relax or do something adventurous, participate in multiple leisure activities and learn to enjoy life.”

Whether a vacation comes as a grand trip abroad or something as simple as a few days in a local hotel for a “stay-cation,” getting away is essential for overall wellness. Health experts and psychologists agree that improving work-life balance can create immense benefits in a person’s life. Travel clubs like Global Discovery Vacations are delighted to help their customers find the right getaway to have fun, relax, and improve their overall well-being.