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Global Conservation Group Declares Victory in Green County

Neglected Ponies
Neglected Ponies
Global Conservation Group Cruelty Investigation Department

Belleville, Wisconsin - Animal rights organization Global Conservation Group first got word of two neglected ponies in Wisconsin during the polar vortex at the start of January. The ponies had nothing to protect them from the elements aside from a few oil barrels. The owner was not cooperative when confronted by neighbors, concerned citizens and animal protection organizations.

When local authorities refused to take any action against the owner, the Global Conservation Group took up the case. The organization obtained 5,192 signatures from local residents demanding better conditions for the animals and representatives from the group's Cruelty Investigation Department were interviewed on NBC 15.

The Sheriff's Department told a local news station that reporting animal cruelty "is wasting a lot of our dispatchers time."

After more than a month of campaigning, the owner has provided wooden walls and a roof for the ponies. This is viewed as a monumental victory on behalf of animal rights. Daniel Walsh of the group's Division of Legal Affairs stated "When animal cruelty takes place and authorities refuse to correct the action, concerned citizens and private organizations like us have to work together to remedy the situation at hand." Walsh went on to say "We hope the Green County Sheriff's Department doesn't make this detrimental mistake again." ‚Äč

The group will still be pursuing complaints it made against the Green County Sheriff's Department for failing to do their job in the first place. The organization is also considering civil action against the department. It should be noted that the owner has still not been charged for the crime.