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Global Climate Change scenarios


Earth from space. 

We all know about the controversy of “Global Warming” and “Global Climate Change” but what are we to do about it?  There are the extremists who believe we should take every possible step in order to improve/save the planet and then there are others who don’t believe an event such as Global Warming is ever possible.
Greg Caven, a high school science teacher, has constructed a seemingly full-proof chart of what could await us in the future.  He takes the arguments from both sides of the equation and applies the concepts into a four-block chart that we can all simply understand.  
Caven, with the use of his YouTube account, spotlights the issue of Global Climate Change in an effort to educate anyone who is willing.  So far, he has completed a 44-part series of videos that break down Global Climate Change with smiley faces and issues that everyone will be affected by.
So…interested?  Well, check it out:

This is not just another environmental issue. This may eat our lunch. This is fundamentally different because in a complex system like the climate, there may be tipping points where irreversible damage is done, but you don't see it until it's too late to do something about it. That's what really has motivated me.

                                                                                                            - Greg Caven


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