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Global Beatles Day makes group's love theme an annual event

The symbol for Global Beatles Day, June 25.
The symbol for Global Beatles Day, June 25.
Courtesy Global Beatles Day - used by permission.

It's June 25, Global Beatles Day, a day in which the Beatles' philosophy of love becomes even clearer. And its founder, Faith Cohen, tells Beatles Examiner, it's becoming an even bigger event every year.

“It has been recognized on the web all over the place,” she said. “The biggest was Corona Beer last year.” Corona mentioned the day on in “365 Reasons to Let the World Wait.”

The inspiration for Global Beatles Day came from June 25, 1967, when the Beatles performed the song “All You Need Is Love” for the first time on a global satellite hookup that was televised around the world. Over 400 million people were estimated to have seen the broadcast and heard the song.

According to Cohen, Global Beatles Day is “a day honoring the phenomenon and ideals of the Beatles. Honoring them for their gifts to the world including, but not limited to, music, the ideals of peace and love, and the expansion of consciousness.”

Cohen told her followers on Facebook this week the best thing they can do is spread the word. “You are all in a position to spread the word, and share the event. Maybe you have a lot of followers who pay attention to your music, writing, ideas, art, or personality. Share Global Beatles Day with them!

“People sharing is the only way to make this event a "given." The Beatles are a wonderful thing to celebrate. Music makes the world even more wonderful than it is, and easier to bear when it's not.”

There are some local events to celebrate the day, in Indianapolis for one, she told Beatles Examiner. “But it's not about "events' per se. It's about a globally recognized holiday for the wide ranging influence of the Beatles, not just musically but in so many diverse ways.”

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