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Global Beatles Day: A thank you note and a love letter

Global Beatles Day is June 25

Global Beatles Day

To say that Faith Cohen is a Beatles fan is the biggest understatement in the history of earth. In fact, Cohen is such a fan that in 2009 she felt compelled to create Global Beatles Day to honor the Fab Four. Raised in a musically eclectic household, Cohen has specific memories about first hearing the Beatles and how that affected her life. Just read the piece she authored for Ethan Russell’s American Stories and you will understand how the Beatles are a way of life for Cohen.

In her article, she gives details of Beatles happenings throughout her childhood and adulthood (so far), like when she met Paul McCartney in London, how she’s corresponded with Yoko Ono and on and on. She even got a GBD shirt to Elvis Costello during one of his concerts. June 25 was chosen as the annual observation of GBD because it was on that day in 1967 that the Beatles performed “All You Need Is Love” via a global satellite transmission (the first of its kind).

For Cohen, the launch of Global Beatles Day was a “thank you note and a love letter” to the Beatles. For millions of music fans around the world, the Beatles are an obvious choice for greatest band of all time. It goes without saying how many thousands of bands have been influenced by John, Paul, George and Ringo – many without even realizing it. Modern pop/rock music would be infinitely inferior (if it existed at all) without the Beatles.

Although Cohen grew up in the sixties, young kids today are still discovering the Beatles. But unlike buying that vinyl record in the sixties and seventies, much of the Beatles music sold today is through digital streaming, making their music even more accessible. There are many suggested ways to celebrate Global Beatles Day. For instance, Cohen recommends assisting any of a number of charities affiliated with the Beatles. Here are a few from the GBD website: UNICEF – The George Harrison Fund, PETA, The Lotus Foundation and Imagine Peace. Short of donating to one of these worthy causes or buying Beatles music for loved ones, simply jamming on the Beatles all day will suffice. For some of us, the latter does not require a holiday. For the music lover, every day is a Beatles day.

For more information on Global Beatles Day, visit the website at, Like it on Facebook, join the Facebook event or follow on Twitter. So, on June 25, spread the love and a lot of Beatles music – here, there and everywhere.


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