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GLO Lounge Dallas club remodel

GLO Lounge VIP and Bottle Service
GLO Lounge VIP and Bottle Service
Miranda Wright

                 In the Nightlife Industry, once among regular civilization, people often give different reviews on what it is like to be immersed in club culture, to go out every night of the week. People within the Dallas scene will often find it's regulars pretentious and it's fickle five hundred unforgiving, constantly hopping from new club to new bar, looking for the next best thing, or the next new trend on which to latch so that they might find some satisfaction.

However, at some clubs we see this story to be different, for their appeal is widely based and the energy which they produce an aphrodisiac to all those that visit.

Such is the case with the small bar GLO Lounge located off 2323 Henderson. Recently remodeled GLO Lounge has added some exciting new additions to it's establishment including an expanded VIP area and elevated DJ booth with side stages that sit perpendicular to the bar. With the DJ booth having moved and the back part of the club now filled out with larger VIP booths the place has a whole new feel to it and people are already talking about the changes.

Being a modest venue that only fits around a hundred people we find that Glo Lounge has a particular "je ne sais quoi" that attracts a wide variety of people. With it's weekly event lineups such as Old School Wednesdays and Girls Gone Glo Saturdays, GLO Lounge brings in only the hottest musical talent from local DJ's such as Billy the Kid, Matt Lamb, Joe Vega, DJ Rev and DJ ATG, to international DJ's such as DJ Colette.

Every night the club is open we find the dance floor busy and the tables booked with bottle service reservations, and with the staff employed at GLO Lounge people are beginning to feel they have a force to be reckoned with.

Manager's such as Ed Maxey, who runs the front door and is a long time friend of the owner Hubert Mathew Sebanc, worked management in the strip club industry for twenty five years says that with all his wealth of bar experience he finds GLO Lounge to be a venue that combines such a mixture of talents and friendship that it is sure to be always fun.

The two men at the door, Ed Maxey and Robert Shoe, take their business seriously and make sure that every customer has a good time, to the extreme. Which is easy to do between the rest of the staff, including their courteous door hostess, their meticulous and hard working bar backs, and beautiful cocktails and bartenders.

With GLO Lounge's mix of modern music and fabulous service, every night the doors are open the walls vibrate with the kind of good cheer and great times that most clubs only fantasize about producing, which is why we find GLO Lounge to be an Examiner favorite and top rated club to visit in Dallas.

To find out more information please visit GLO Lounge's website or contact owner Hubert Mathew Sebanc at 214- 883-1852.

For table and bottle reservations please contact Girls Gone GLO Saturday night promoter Reza Armani Shahrava at 214-455-9081.

For more details about GLO Lounge or if you have any questions please contact Garland Nightlife Examiner Miranda Gahagan at 214-397-6062.


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