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Glittery Window Hearts

you'll need
you'll need

Only 2 weeks until St. Valentine’s Day! It’s not too early to start decorating. These Glittery Window Hearts are made from inexpensive materials and are as fun to make for preschoolers as they are for teens. Once complete, these hearts can be hung in your window, given as Valentines, or used to create cute Love Bugs.

These glittery window hearts are easy to make and fun for kids of all ages
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Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick foil
Plate to use as form
White glue or Mod Podge
Food coloring (optional)
Sequins (optional)
Colored tissue paper (optional)
Plain paper
Sharpie marker
Small stick (pencil, back of paint brush, etc.)
Hole punch (optional)
Ribbon (optional)

Use a piece of Reynolds Wrap which is large enough to completely cover the plate you’ve chosen, and mold the foil to the plate. Pour in enough white glue to evenly cover the bowl formed by the foil – but not too much! The glue should be 1/8” to 1/4” thick. Remember that the drying time is dependent on the thickness of the glue.

If you like, place a few drops of food coloring on the glue.

Using your small stick, gently swirl the food coloring through the glue. Be very careful not to tear the foil underneath.

Sprinkle on glitter (and sequins if you like.) Alternately, you can add small pieces of torn colored tissue paper to the glue.

Allow the glue to dry completely into a flexible sheet. This will take at least 24 hours and, if your glue is very thick, could take 3 days or more.

Using a marker, draw a heart on a piece of white paper. The line needs to be thick and dark enough that it is visible through the glue sheet. Don’t try to make it perfect. The more imperfect the heart, the more personal the finished piece will be.

Place the glue sheet over the heart, glitter side down, and trace the heart using a Sharpie marker. (A water-based marker won’t work on the glue sheet.)

Keeping to the inside of the marker line, cut the heart out of the glue sheet.

Your completed heart can be adhered directly to a window using a small spritz of water on the smooth (non-glittered) side. Or you can punch a small hole in the heart, thread a ribbon through, and hang the heart by the ribbon.


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