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Glichrist and Soames passes the TSA and picky traveler test

TSA and travelers love these toiletries
TSA and travelers love these toiletries
Carol Stigger

I confess. I take them -- those amenity toiletries from hotels. And then I give them to a mission in Africa. Most are so BAD I don’t want them around the house for longer than it takes to fill a baggie for “our missions abroad.” For people who have no soap and shampoo, it is better than nothing. As I can still afford soap and shampoo (this year, anyway – I haven’t done my taxes yet), I take my own when I travel: slopping and spilling the stuff into 3 ounce containers to keep the TSA from pushing me into the Little Room, the Little Room I got to know when they thought green tea leaves from India just might be pot.

No sense of humor in the Little Room, so I pack carefully. I am annoyed over every quart-sized zip lock bag I have to put in the bin separately. Something is usually leaking and reeking.

I experienced a reversal of habits recently in the Cincinnatian Hotel in Cincinnati. Their toiletries looked lovely. They smelled so fresh and inviting, I actually used them. I threw away my ubiquitous 3 ounce plastic containers so I could fill my quart baggie with left over Gilchrist & Soames shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and soap.

The leftovers did not last long, so I wrote to Gilchrist & Soames about my love of their products and my quart baggie problem. I rewrote the letter to reduce the whiney tone to a whimper. Their customer care people really care and invited me to try four sets of their toiletries, each bottle less than three ounces!

I am all set for my next trips! The Spa Therapy set is going to New York City, because all I can afford there is a mini-facial. Bee Kind goes to India, because I really need some kindness after sleeping on a bed hard enough to butcher water buffalo. Essential Elements goes to Tennessee, and their London pack stays home, hidden from teenagers.

Gilchrist & Soames was founded in London, England, and is steeped in the rich, established customs of fine English toiletries. It is one of the most respected and prestigious spa, bath and body products world-wide. You know you are in a fine hotel when you see Gilchrist & Soames in the toiletries’ tray.

As for the TSA, I now expect looks of admiration instead of suspicion. Would a woman who packs Gilchrist & Soames toiletries have any interest whatsoever in creating an airport ruckus?

You can order their products online. If you stay at the Cincinnatian in Cincinnati, you can leave that quart size zip lock baggie at home. And, if you stay at the Cincinnatian, give yourself extra time for the chromo-therapy soaking bubble tub.If you run out of Gilchrist & Soames due to avid bathing, just call housekeeping for more.

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