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Glenn Beck versus the WWE and Professional Wrestling

Glenn Beck says "stupid wrestling fans."
Glenn Beck says "stupid wrestling fans."

Normally I try to keep to independent wrestling news here & there when I can promote it or write about but once in a while there are stories I have write about. It’s starting to cool off but it may be a while before everyone totally forgets that we are all “stupid wrestling fans” or that the wwe introduced an extremist character into the fold & the person portraying him was pulled over for a DUI which brings in the commentator a “stupid political commentator” Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck, hope this sets off your Goolge alerts, I used to watch you almost religiously. Your cross between entertainment mixing with fantasy & real world to predict & project future outcomes was amazing. Since you entered into your own bubble of a world, I’ve pretty much kept you off the radar, by getting booted off of Fox News like a chump you have been a nonexistent factor. That was until this past weekend when you willing decided you interject yourself in the world of professional wrestling. Did you expect anyone in the WWE to back down from your derogatory comments Glenn? You claim to be outspoken, correction you are outspoken, but you don’t have the guts to back it up when you’re called on it by a company, person, or organization. Now I know why George Sorros, I’m not a big fan of him either, called his lawyers to have you shut up the week you hounded him back on Fox News. How much of it was actually delusions in your own head, Glenn? How much of it was actually facts?

The facts are actually clear in this case, yes Jacob Hager aka Jack Swagger was pulled over the police with marijuana. Yet to clearly generalize a segment or group of people as stupid is just lacks tack on your part Glenn Beck. You should’ve accepted the WWE invitation to the event so you could clear your name but you chose to hide in your studio. Yes, Jack Swagger & Zeb Coulter are now extreme Constitutionalist in WWE which is not typically normal in the world of wrestling & the WWE but that’s why they’re running with it. Wrestling prides itself on being able to elicit an emotional response from people. Whether is popping the crowd or getting heat with them. Just like you have created a emotional response from the WWE & the professional wrestling community. I suggest not doing again Glenn Beck, you mess with a bull you get the horns. You may get a stampede in your direction. Now grab your tissues & go hide in your studio bunker you sad excuse of a commentator.