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Glenn Beck posts "Non-Stop" spoilers to discourage people from seeing it

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck
The Blaze

On February 27th, 2014, Glenn Beck reportedly saw the film "Non-Stop" and hated it so much that, during his subsequent February 28th broadcast, he deliberately shared as many spoilers as possible to try to discourage people from seeing it.

Despite supposedly being an advocate of free speech, Beck has once again snapped back to believing nobody is allowed to have thoughts he would not approve of and takes issue with the fact that the villains are revealed to be unstable wannabe vigilantes.

Or, as Beck puts it, the killer is "a guy who believes in the Constitution."

According to Beck, the killer's motive was something "nonsensical" along the lines of: "It's the government that has been putting people like you, you drunkard, on planes and allowing you to be our TSA. And that's just wrong. So I'm going to blow everything up and take the money. I’ve got a parachute here, so I'm going to live. And I'm going to take all the money, and I'm going to get away with it. A-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha."

Unfortunately for Beck, his plot to ruin "Non-Stop" was a miserable failure, which can be rooted in the fact that he either heard the plot he wanted instead of what actually happened, or the fact that he hasn't seen the movie at all.

First, as some of you have likely already noted, there is more than one villain, so if Beck were giving an authentic spoiler, it wouldn't have been in the first person singular.

More importantly, the killers' motivations are actually the exact opposite of what Beck implies; the plot is flat out stated to be intended to result in increased security.

On all accounts, Glenn Beck is still a big fat liar, even when he doesn't have to be.

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