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Glenn Beck: Obama "declared he would become America's first dictator"

On January 28th, 2014, Glenn Beck, who has already called for President Obama to be impeached multiple times (then denied it), responded to the President's State of the Union address by claiming it was the SOTU where he "declared he would become America's first dictator."

Glenn Beck
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

"Over and over again," said Beck, "looking us in the eye, he said he would use his executive power to get his way. He bragged about it!"

In addition to peddling conspiracy theories (and insisting that he isn't a conspiracy theorist and that Obama is conspiring to make him look like one), Glenn Beck is infamous for insisting that everything under the sun is an example of tyranny (Nazi Germany especially), so this latest tantrum is hardly surprising.

Back in that thing Glenn Beck has spent the latter part of his career fighting against called reality, Obama had only pledged to act on his own where he legally could, and only then if Congress once again refused to budge.

Beck urged his listeners to note this day in their diaries so that future generations will know the true history, which is that "this was the State of the Union where our president declared he would become America's first dictator."

If this sounds familiar, it should: Beck has repeatedly told his listeners to record dates that he insists will be known as moments when Democracy supposedly died.

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