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Glenn Beck: Obama administration 'trying to kill Christian thought'

During his March 31, 2014 radio broadcast, Glenn Beck accused President Obama of lying about what was really discussed during the recent meeting he held with Pope Francis.

Glenn Beck

Beck offers absolutely nothing to explain why he came to this conclusion. He apparently just assumes that, because Obama isn't waving a Bible around and screaming at gay people like the American Taliban, that must mean he is a socialist, ergo the discussion must have been about socialism.

Which, to Beck's credit, he admits would make sense since the foundational principle at the heart of socialism - give to those in need - is a Judeo-Christian principle.

Though in typical Beck fashion, he proceeds into a rant against Communism and how it always ends with millions of people getting murdered, a claim which, in turn, tied into another patented Glenn Beck conspiracy theory that the Obama administration is "trying to kill all Christian thought," because Christianity is the only thing that prevents a socialist government from murdering its citizens by the tens of thousands.

"They're trying to kill the one thing," said Beck, "that stops people from saying 'let's kill those people and take their stuff, let's just keep killing people until it does work,' this administration is trying to kill that."

You know, as opposed to the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition and Nazi Germany, which were all so wholesome and family-friendly.

There's that pesky reality thing getting in the way again.

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