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Glenn Beck lawsuit: Claims Beck falsely accused man of Boston Marathon plot

Glenn Beck sued for falsely accusing a man as being part of the Boston Marathon terrorist plot.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Glenn Beck is facing a lawsuit that claims he “repeatedly” accused an innocent man while on the air about being a part of the Boston Marathon bombings. The man was one of the marathon victims who was injured in the Boston Marathon blasts.

Beck is being sued for defamation by Abdulrahman Alharbi, 20, who claims that his reputation was “substantially and severely damaged” resulting from Beck falsely linking him to the bombings.

According to Yahoo News on April 1, the lawsuit claims that in the days following the Boston Marathon bombings Beck relentlessly protested Alharbi’s release after he was detained and question by authorities. He was just a spectator at the Boston Marathon, but Beck presented him as “the money man” who put up the funds for this horrific attack at the marathon.

Authorities did search Alharbi’s apartment, but found that the college student had nothing to do with the marathon bombings. Beck’s statements on the air resulted in Alharbi being called “murderer,” “child killer” and “terrorist” when out in public.

The lawsuit is looking for a jury trial to award Alharbi an unspecified amount of money. The broadcast companies that are affiliated with Beck’s show are also named in the lawsuit.

Beck or his camp have not offered any comments about this lawsuit.

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