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Glenn Beck insists Obama or Christie would bomb America

Glenn Beck has apparently decided that, in 2014, he doesn't want to be left out of any right-wing peddled conspiracy theories, regardless of how petty or unbelievable they may be.

Glenn Beck

Within the last ten days alone, Beck has embraced the conspiracy theories that global warming is a hoax because it's snowing, that gay rights activists will one day be arresting Christians, and even that Obamacare counts as a religion.

Now Beck has added his voice to one of the most outrageous conspiracy theories in existence: The belief that President Obama will attempt to bomb American soil.

Beck took the conspiracy theory a step further, in fact, by insisting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would do so as well.

Citing Operation Northwoods, a proposed series of false flag attacks against the United States designed to provide justification for military action against Cuba back in 1962 which President Kennedy rejected, Beck insisted that if such a plan was offered to Obama or Christie, they would endorse it.

"Is anybody sitting here telling me that Chris Christie or Barack Obama would say that?" he asked rhetorically. "If it served their purposes, ends justify the means, I'm not sure Operation Northwoods doesn't happen."

No Glenn, they wouldn't. The idea that Obama might bomb America is nothing more than the sick fantasy of a small group of lunatics whose hatred of Obama is so great that even accusing him of being the antichrist is not enough to satisfy it.

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