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Glenn Beck has best and worst news content-to-advertisement ratio on Internet

Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck

You've seen all the "free" news video clips on the Internet, but have you noticed how many advertisements you have to watch to see any of that news?

Some sites make you watch an advertisement after EVERY video clip, while some graciously give you a few news clips before the next ad.

A recent independent study done in Charlotte, NC calculated the average ratio of content vs. advertisements of the most popular news websites and found some interesting results.

The percentages below indicate how much of your time you spend watching ads over real content. Glenn Beck tops the list (by a wide margin) with the best ratio of 3% on his videos, but interestingly, he is also at the bottom of the list with his own website clips with 36%.

Website                                          Content-to-Ad Ratio
Glenn Beck on                     3% (Best)
Sean Hannity on                11%
Bill O'Reilly on                    12%                                                   14%
Neil Cavuto on                   16%
                                         36% (Worst)

For reference, television averages around 25% content-to-advertisement ratio. So technically the Internet is better than watching TV as far as quantity of ads go, but when you have to watch a short ad for about every minute of news it seems like overkill. When watching TV, at least you get 10 or 15 minutes of content before you have to take a commercial break.


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