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Glenn Beck denounces Coca-Cola ad as effort to "divide people"

Last week, Glenn Beck denounced MSNBC as racist after commentators for the network had speculated that a Cheerios Superbowl ad featuring a multiracial couple would anger far-right conservatives.

Glenn Beck
The Blaze

Yesterday, however, Beck wound up proving them correct and discredited himself better than anyone else could (again) by having a fit over Coca-Cola's multiracial ad.

The ad in question depicts citizens of varying ethnicity while "America the Beautiful" is sung in alternating languages, with English being the bookend languages. The theme is clearly intended to be unity in spite of diversity, carried by an iconic melody that remains recognizable and loses none of its meaning regardless of what language it has been translated into.

Beck, however, in his ceaseless mission to utterly destroy all semblance of reality from his mind, insists that the ad was "an in your face" effort "to divide people."

"If you don't like it, if you're offended by it, then you're a racist," Beck insisted of the ad. "That's all this is, is to divide people."

Once again, the ad depicted a a multicultural yet unified America. Ergo, what Beck is insinuating is that it's divisional to confirm that bilingual minorities in the United States actually exist.

Reminiscent of the way he tried to insist that empathy, one of the most positive words in the English language, ties directly into fascism and genocide, Beck has responded to an ad with a core theme of unity by declaring it a deliberate effort to divide the nation.

For the record: Yes, Mr. Beck, if you can get this offended by a mere confirmation of the existence of minorities in America, that makes you racist to the core.

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