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Glenn Beck contrasts Rep. Keith Ellison with the new Chrysler advertisement

Media mogul Glenn Beck played a viral advertisement from Chrysler for the new Cadillac ELR during his radio show Tuesday.

Rep. Keith Ellison arrested after blocking street during Amnesty protest in October
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The advertisement reinforces that working hard eventually pays off. It even addresses how hard work is frowned upon in other countries and people outside of America looking in "think we're nuts." But "whatever," the advert continues, "It's pretty simple. You work hard, you create your own luck, and you gotta believe anything is possible."

Beck contrasted the message of the ad with statements recently made by Rep. Keith Ellison, who actually tried to spin the Obamacare disincentive to work less as a good thing.

As discussed by Heather Smith of the Daily Caller Sunday, Ellison was a part of a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week” addressing a recent finding by the Congressional Budget Office that Obamacare has a built-in disincentive to work harder:

“more than 2.5 million people are likely to reduce the amount of labor they choose to supply to some degree because of the Affordable Care Act.”

Ellison said in part,

“If you look at international comparisons country by country, Americans work way more than the average of industrialized countries around the world,” he continued. “We might to want look at our work-life balance, and this is something that gives us a great opportunity.”

Stu Bregere of the Glenn Beck radio show pointed out that polls show that Americans overwhelmingly point to the economy and jobs as the most important issues facing Americans.

He said that Ellison's comments come "in a country that continually puts jobs and the economy as the number one priority,' but now "we're told that 'hey, if you work less, that's positive.'"

In December, Gallup reported,

"Three issues -- dissatisfaction with government, the economy, and healthcare -- are the clear leaders when Americans name the most important problem facing the country."

"Work/Life balance" was nowhere to be seen on the list.

Ellison's philosophy contrasts with the message by the Chrysler advertisement, which touted working hard as a path to prosperity.

Click on the video to watch the commercial.

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