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Glenn Beck: Climate change is "the biggest theft in the history of the world"

Glenn Beck has decided to throw his lot in with the annual climate change denial conspiracy theorists' bandwagon by beginning his Tuesday news program with a skit in which he played a local news anchor reporting on the extra-snowy winter the United States has been experiencing.

Glenn Beck

"Well, hello local residents of this local metropolitan area! Welcome," he boomed. "This is the day we all in the newsroom have been waiting for … I'll give you a hint. Don't forget your booties!"

"That's right local citizen," he continued. "It is cold out there today. How cold? Try polar vortex cold! A lot of people have never heard of this effect — don't think it’s made-up. Some strict weather fundamentalists out there now are calling this a natural phenomenon known as 'winter,' but where is the fun in that in the news biz?"

It even began "snowing" in the studio during the segment, which was why Beck had glitter all over his shoulders when he tried to tell his audience, seriously, that "common sense in this country and honesty on the TV is dead."

"You want to talk about deniers?" he asked. "The so-called climate experts have been moving the goalposts with each failed prediction. So why are they so stubborn? Because this has nothing to do with reality. This has nothing to do with climate. This has everything to do with fear. It is a power grab. Another chance for the government to control industry and more of your money."

To loosely quote Bill Maher, saying climate change isn't real because it got cold during winter would be like saying the sun isn't real because it got dark during the night.

More critically, the mountains of snow the United States has been seeing actually could be taken as proof that global warming is real. This is because snow is less common and less plentiful once ground level air temperatures get lower, mainly because of a lack of water vapor in the cold air.

In other words, the massive amounts of snow blanketing the Northeast are proof of increased moisture, which in turn is due to an increase in temperature.

Sorry Mr. Beck, but your war against reality is as futile as ever.

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