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Glenn Beck blasphemes on weekend health care vote

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This just in: God does not grant rights on the Sabbath.

Glenn Beck told his constituency yesterday that the Democrats actions on health care are an “affront to God”. Referring to the coming vote in the House on the Senate Health Care bill, Glenn and his guest, Congressman Steve King (R) of Iowa’s 5th district bantered back and forth about the perversion of America’s faith by holding a vote on the Lord’s Day. No mention was made of the fact that the vote was said to happen sometime over the weekend, maybe even on the day that is disputed by other Christian denominations to be the Sabbath; Saturday. Either way, according to Pastor Beck, Democrats are certain to “put the nail in the coffin of America” on a Sunday.

As usual, Glenn takes some cheap shots at history and asks redundant questions like “Are you a religious man?” right after his guest finishes explaining how the opposing party wants to vote during lent. Lent and Advent are some not so well known Christian traditions. Let’s get to the surprising part.

The issue at hand for Congressman King and Glenn is the “perversion of our faith” because our founders would have never, ever held a vote on a Sunday “out of respect for God”.

Would our Founding Fathers have held a Tea Party on Sunday? It seems all of Glenn Beck’s precious Tea Parties must also be an “affront to God” as the schedule of nationwide Tea Parties include Sunday March 28th in Phoenix and Flagstaff and Sunday April 4th in Huntsville, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. Sunday, April 11th will have Tea Parties “perverting the faith” in Cleveland, Detroit, and Erie.

Glenn likes to distance himself from the Tea Parties as of late; maybe all of those ‘we came unarmed, this time’ signs insinuated some violence; so let’s take a different road through crazy town.

Brandishing misleading disclaimers, the officially titled Glenn Beck 9/12 Project loves to invite like-minded drones to freedom-loving events. On Sunday, February 28th, a reported 5,000 people gathered at the Opryland Resort and Convention Center for the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Unlike a fifteen minute vote, this convention lasted several hours with Sarah Palin and Pat Boone scheduled to host. Sarah Palin didn’t show and neither did the camel she spoke with at last year’s convention, but there was a Billy Graham booth. Right to Life was there. Working. JoyTV promoting broadcasting and programming. Website designs the way God intended. All 5,000 of these well-intended Americans weren’t corrupting anyone’s faith.

Glenn “They are going to vote for this damn thing on a Sunday, which is the Sabbath, during Lent” Beck is using God to argue in his own favor. That is blasphemous and disrespectful to the highest regard. These despicable remarks will alienate him from the reasonable conservative Christian Americans that still watch and listen to him. Those waiting for him to say or do the outrageous that will finally end his career can move on. If this hypocritical nonsense slides by, then Glenn Beck is here to stay and he will only get worse.


  • Steven 5 years ago

    You are truly obsessed with Beck, aren't you? You bring his name up all the time. When a reader made a comment that disagreed with you, he was called a Beck listener. I wonder if you're really that obsessed with him or if you just hope using his name will make people read your propaganda.

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