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Glenn Beck blames progressives for the Holocaust during "Monuments Men" review

During the February 10th, 2014 broadcast of his radio show, Glenn Beck revealed that he had seen the new movie "The Monuments Men" over the weekend.

Glenn Beck
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Whether or not that is true is anyone's guess, since, instead of giving the movie an actual review, Beck spent the entire time ranting about how "progressives" were to blame for the Holocaust.

According to Beck, the film upset him greatly because it never discussed the fact that President Franklin Roosevelt cared about saving works of art but made no effort to stop the Nazis from murdering millions of Jews because he, like progressives then and now, "are all anti-Jewish."

"Forget about the art," said Beck. "What about the people? What happened to be the people? No, we didn't care. We didn't care. Progressives didn't care and so all of those Jews died. We could have stopped them. Instead of Monuments Men, how about Auschwitx Men, how about Dachau Men? Why didn't we do that? Because they didn't care ... They were all anti-Jewish, just as much as they're anti-Jewish now."

Beck, of course, has a very extensive history of trying to use the word "progressive" to describe everyone and anything he personally dislikes (or that he used to like but before it became inconvenient to be associated with), and an even more extensive history of comparing things he dislikes to the Nazis and the Holocaust.

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