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Glenn Beck attacks LGBT 'terrorist organization', says conservative is no choice

During Glenn Beck's April 4, 2014 radio broadcast, he responded to the news that Brendan Eich had resigned from his new position as CEO of Mozilla following an outcry and boycotts stemming from his support for California's Proposition 8 the same way Matt Barber reacted: By completely forgetting his own frequent calls to boycott anything that could be even remotely described as progressive and lashing out at the LGBT community.

Glenn Beck

According to Beck, he doesn't know if he is supposed to use the words "gay," "homosexual," or "queer" (Answer: They're all acceptable) because gay activists groups "are becoming nothing but a terrorist organization" who are continually changing the rules in order to keep people in a constant state of fear.

That fear, of course, is of being ridiculed. Just like Barber, Beck evidently considers it such a massive offense to the First Amendment whenever someone disagrees with him.

Later, Beck also insisted that the treatment of conservatives is unfair because they were made that way.

"Those of us who believe in God," Beck said, "we don't feel we have a choice" but to be conservatives.

"Who would choose, in today's society, who would choose to say 'yes, I really believe in God,' and 'yes, I'm a conservative,' and 'yes, I don't agree with the president'?" Beck asked. "Who would choose that?"

The most benign explanation would be that this was a very poor attempt at parody; at mocking the LGBT's rhetoric.

Conservatism is a philosophy, not biology. And even if you did buy into that utter mound of crap, there are clearly millions of people who have chosen, not only to say that they don't agree with the president, but that they believe President Obama is the Antichrist.

There's that pesky reality again.

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