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Glenn Beck: In 65 years, gay activists will be arresting Christians

This column has, far more times than should ever be required, been obligated to remind the Religious Right that it is not anti-Christian to not allow Christians to persecute non-Christians, nor is the agenda of the LGBT community to force everyone to be gay.

Glenn Beck

Yet, because the Religious Right considers this conspiracy theory far too convenient a cover for their anti-equality agendas, it persists. And has persisted for so long that Glenn Beck has finally decided he can't stand to be left out of it.

Beck began his Wednesday radio segment by playing a fifty-year-old radio clip of a Florida district attorney warning an audience of young people not to engage in homosexuality because they would be found out and arrested, after which he asserted that nobody today would ever dream of saying anything like that.

Beck said this while wearing a hat honoring the late Ken Hutcherson, whom had previously come to this column's attention for insisting Jason Collins coming out was the work of Satan and bragging that he cost Microsoft 30+ million dollars for being pro-equality.

Hutcherson was just one of many religious authoritarians who called for the immediate criminalization of homosexuality this year.

Ever undeterred by the presence of reality, Beck proceeded down the same path of thought (if it can be called that) as the anti-gay crusaders he is trying to pretend no longer exist: Insisting that, in the future, progressives and gay activists will be vowing to hunt down and imprison Christians.

And no, Glenn Beck adding his voice to the chanting still wasn't enough to make it magically come true.

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