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Glenmorangie partners with Thomas Pink for "Perfect Pairings."

Glenmorangie kicked off its "Perfect Pairings" custom shirt and a bottle of whisky package at the Thomas Pink flagship store in New York City.
Glenmorangie kicked off its "Perfect Pairings" custom shirt and a bottle of whisky package at the Thomas Pink flagship store in New York City.
Robert Haynes-Peterson

There is something about fine suits and fine single malt whiskies. They seem to be tailor-made (get it?) for each other. With that in mind, Glenmorangie has launched a promotion with custom shirt producer Thomas Pink called "Perfect Pairings," an opportunity to buy a bottle of whisky "paired" with a distinctive Pink shirt.

Looking for a Perfect Pairing? Check out Glenmorangie's current promotion with British shirtmaker Thomas Pink.

The promotion, which runs through April 30th, offers fans of fine spirits and fine clothing the opportunity to buy pre-selected pairings of specific Glenmorangie expressions with specific Thomas Pink shirt styles, customized to fit the buyer. To help highlight the launch, Glenmorangie sponsored a media tasting and a Thomas Pink customer event at the British menswear brand's Madison Avenue flagship shop in New York City. Glenmorangie brand ambassador David Blackmore was on hand to guide attendees through the pairings.

"We were looking for a partner in the fashion world that shares some of our core values," says Blackmore. The Perfect Pairings promotion uses the tagline "Unnecessarily Well Made," highlighting the craftsman-like care used in making both the whiskies and the clothing. "Thomas Pink is another venerable British brand, but I'd not say they're stuffy."

There are three pairings, named for three "types" of well-appointed men: The Classic Gentleman includes a bottle of Glenmorangie Original (floral 10-year single malt) with Thomas Pink's Classic White shirt ($234); The Discerning Adventurer takes the spicy-sweet notes of Glenmorangie Lasanta Sherry Cask Finish (12-year, extra matured/finished in Olorosso Sherry casks) and brings it together with Pink's exuberant Bengal Stripe Shirt for the confident man ($269); The Ultimate Perfectionist reflects the desire of some men to be as polished as possible. The bottle is Glenmorangie Signet, a whisky the brand says was "170 years in the making, the culmination of a lifetime's experience." A blend of aged single malt whiskies, some distilled more than 30 years ago and matured in a variety of cask styles. The shirt that goes with is part of the Thomas Pink Imperial Collection, using 170s and 200s fine cotton ($579). Upon ordering, the recipient receives the selected whiskey and a Thomas Pink gift card, with the invitation to select a perfectly fitted iteration of the accompanying shirt. Collar and cuff styles can be customized. For an extra $10, the whisky arrives in a suede bag.

"When putting this together," says Blackmore, "we thought about how are we going to go about pairing a specific whisky with a specific shirt. We thought about what kind of gentleman would drink what sort of whisky and went from there. For the Original, it's a daily dram but also appreciated for special occasions, just like the Classic White shirt can be worn daily for work and for special events. Lasanta comes from a Scots Gaelic word meaning 'passion' and 'warmth,' perfect for the Discerning Adventurer. The Bengal stripe, brought back by British adventurers to India, helped kick off the whole culture of British men's fashion flair. Signet is a whisky in three parts: A blend of 18- to 21-year-old whiskies made from rare high roast "chocolate" malted barley, 30- to 40-year-old stock aged from Day 1 in sherry casks, and quite openly younger 12-year whisky to give it some bright spots and help lift the finished product. Of course the Imperial, with its crazy thread count was an ideal pairing."

Here's a thought: Wouldn't it be nice to get your Father's Day / Graduation shopping done early, for once?

Glenmorangie / Thomas Pink Perfect Pairings are available for order at The promotion runs through April 30, 2014. Must be 21 or over to order. Please enjoy responsibly.


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