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Glenmorangie launches its rarest whisky with chic soirée

Glenmorangie launches rarest whisky with chic soirée
Glenmorangie launches rarest whisky with chic soirée

On July 10, 2014 guests at the elegant Upper Eastside Academy Mansion enjoyed a comfortable summer evening of outdoor jazz, Davidoff cigars and a taste of Glenmorangie’s most exclusive Single Malt Whiskey to date, Pride 1978. Pride 1978 is a 34-year old crafted by Dr. Bill Lumsden, Glenmorangie's Head of Distilling and Whisky. It began as a 19-year-old whisky then matured in five casks of French Premier Grand Cru claret for extra-maturation of years.

The limited edition of 700 bottles of Pride 1978 is packaged in deep red wood box, designed by Wouter Scheublin, which slides open to a red interior designed to reflect the casks and suspends the orb Baccarat crystal decanter designed by Laurence Brabant.
To celebrate the release, Glenmorangie commissioned artist Idris Khan to create an accompanying work. The result is an abstract piece tracing the five casks which produced Pride 1978 at Glenmorangie’s distillery neat Tain in Ross-shire, Scotland. The piece, named "Disappearing Casks," is the large format, photographic print created by photographing or scanning selected materials resulting in a single, beautiful piece of art that represents Glenmorangie's complex and detailed whisky distilling process used to create Pride 1978.

The lucky 150 guests not only enjoyed a small pour of the rare whisky, but were guided through the tasting process by Lumsden himself. He explained the process to age the whiskey and described the flavors and scents to look for: sweet chestnut, apricots, toffee apple, cardamom, ginger, cedar wood, vanilla and cappuccino. To get the full effect, Lumsden emphasized smelling before tasting as well as smelling the residue in the glass about five minutes after drinking to fully enjoy Pride 1978. After his passionate description, Lumsden then invited the group to taste saying "Please join me in a sip of this liquid nectar," the toasted with the Gaelic: "Sláinte."

For the rest of the world wanting to sample Pride 1978, there are only 700 bottles available and it will set you back $5,800 but it includes not only the box and decanter, which is artwork in itself but a signed, limited edition of Khan’s work, "Disappearing Casks". Now through July 22, it is exclusively available here. Starting July 23 it will available at specialist retailers and department stores