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Glendale Police Department Shines on New Season of COPS TV Show

Its lights, camera, action for the Glendale Police department as they step into the spotlight on the new season of the longest running law enforcement TV show COPS.

Glendale police in the field doing their jobs while being filmed by TV show COPS for their 27th season
Glendale police in the field doing their jobs while being filmed by TV show COPS for their 27th season
Glendale Police department
New season premieres on Saturday July 12 on Spike TV
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The television series COPS have been entertaining viewers since 1989. Now in their 27 season they have come with their cameras and crew to the city of Glendale Arizona.

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with Officer Tracey Breeden spokesperson for the Glendale police department and police officer John Rebholz an 11 year veteran with the department.

Curious to know how all of this came about officer Breeden said, “They came to us in early 2014 asked us if they could partner with us so we spoke with our city leaders and command staff they thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the things we do and we decided to partner with them”.

There were no special requirements that the Glendale police department had to meet in order to be on the show, they just needed to be a city that has some activities.

For most of us speaking on camera is a terrifying thought add a camera crew following you around now that’s SCARY! Officer Rebholz admitting that he was a little shy at first but as time went by Rebholz said, “I was more nervous for the crew because they get very close to the suspects but after a few calls for service they almost become invisible and you do your job like you’ve done before. They’re professional and being shy and nervous just went away”.

The television show COPS is known for their wild car chases, crazy antics, busting down doors and the colorful individuals they encounter from city to city. For officer Rebholz after spending three hours riding around with the production crew he found a little boy and the other officers in his department joked that he will be the officer featured on COPS known for finding a little boy and not chasing down people and arresting them.

Being on a reality show has its pros and cons so I asked officer Rebholz, What is the Glendale police department looking to accomplish with being on the show COPS? Rebholz said, “Show people what occurs out here, the work we do, the people that we have and how diverse our city is the crime we may have and how we deal with it”.

Officer Breeden said, “It’s a great way to highlight our city but most importantly it’s a great way to highlight our department and the men and women who work for us. Citizens don’t always get to see day to day what we do or how our officers interact with the public it’s a wonderful opportunity to highlight some of the positive things we do”.

As our interview drew to a close I asked officer Rebholz if he would consider doing a reality show outside of COPS and with a smile on his face Rebholz said, “If the department allowed it, quiet possibly being followed by cameras was not that bad”.

Tune in for the first episode titled “BATTER UP “on the season premiere of COPS featuring the Glendale, Arizona Police department, Saturday July 12 on SPIKE TV at 8/7 central. Added bonus the Glendale Police Department is hiring for more information click here.

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