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Glen Campbell will probably never perform for fans again

Glen Campbell
Glen Campbell
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT

Fans of Glen Campbell will be sad to hear the news that this country music legend will probably never perform again. On Tuesday, Taste of Country shared the news about his health causing enough problems he isn't expected to work again. He is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. It all started in 2011.

His wife Kim Woolen explained that he can't even tune a guitar now but he can still play. She will do the tuning for him and then pass it over so that he can play. It just isn't the same as it used to be when he played though. It is really hard for him, but obviously he still loves it.

Sources say that his wife visits every single day for hours. They sit and talk plus look at pictures. Glen Campbell is living in a facility so that he can have someone taking care of him at all times. That is what is best for him but he isn't lonely considering how often his wife is there to see him. His wife shares that he is "happy and content" where he is at now.

Back in May, Express shared how his wife said it was really hard for her to put him in a facility. They just had no choice but to do it though. It took five to watch him on a daily basis. The entire house had to be child proofed and he was even found chewing on super glue one day. They knew it was the best thing for him to have someone watching him around the clock.

Kim Woolen and Glen Campbell have been married for 31 years. She said her eyes were full of tears when she had to drop him off at the facility. She had no choice though and is doing what is best for him. At this time, his fans should not expect to see him performing again even though he still plays the guitar a bit at the home he is staying in now.