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'Glee': Will season six bring a Kurt and Blaine split?

Max Adler plays Dave Karofsky on Glee.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

On Aug. 21, “The Hollywood Reporter” reported the return of Max Adler to “Glee” to reprise his role as Dave Karofsky. Karofsky formerly bullied then declared his feelings for Kurt (Chris Colfer) and later attempted suicide after being taunted and harassed by kids at his new school when they discovered his crush. Kurt gently let Dave down and also supported him in the hospital following his attempt to hang himself.

Could Karofsky’s return mean he’ll somehow come between Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) in “Glee’s” upcoming final season?

Gleeks at large are already bracing themselves for the impending bittersweet season six return that will mark the end of a television series-turned-pop culture phenomenon. The Emmy awarding-winning and critically-acclaimed series arguably helped ignite a nationwide anti-bullying campaign, while promoting tolerance, inclusion and giving the underdog a loud and proud voice. Fans watched core characters like Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt and Blaine evolve and grow during a difficult season fifth season in the wake of Cory Monteith’s tragic death.

Rachel realized a dream by starring as Fannie Brice in “Funny Girl” on Broadway, and the end of the season found her considering starring in a TV show, with a character written exclusively for her. (Does this sound familiar?) Kurt and Blaine, meanwhile, wrestled through some growing pains in season four and some jealousy last season when Blaine questioned Kurt’s relationship with Elliott (Adam Lambert).

Season five also brought the very intense episode, “Bash,” in which Kurt was brutally beaten in a homophobic attack. And, Blaine relocated to NYC and began studies at NYADA. After living together, then deciding to continue their relationship but live separately, Klaine seemed to be in a happy place heading into the final season.

Eonline” previously reported a season six time jump. Is it possible something will have happened to split up one of “Glee’s” remaining fan favorite couples when the show comes back this fall? Could Dave Karofsky’s return have anything to do with a potential Kurt and Blaine split? Or, will Karofsky simply return to McKinley or bump into one of the many beloved “Glee” characters and thus start a recurring storyline?

“Glee” co-creator Ryan Murphy stressed to fans more than once via Twitter that he believes in “happily ever after.” Sadly, Cory Monteith’s death forced Murphy and the entire “Glee” creative team to reshape the series ending that originally was supposed to feature Rachel and Finn finding their happily ever after. Rachel was supposed to come home following show business success to find Finn living his dream as a teacher at McKinley. Now, something else has to be the focal point of an ultimately satisfying conclusion for the show that fans around the world have come to know and love with fierce intensity.

“Glee” has broken a lot of ground in featuring Kurt and Blaine’s love story as an openly gay teenage couple who fight for their love against all sorts of odds. Blaine even took a huge emotional step in proposing to Kurt and he accepted. Like any fresh-out-of-high school couple, they are very young. So, it’s possible lack of pre-engagement life experience could ultimately mean Kurt and Blaine split up before actually tying the knot.

If a Klaine split is in the works, it simply wouldn’t seem right to have one of this beloved pair fall for someone else from their past like Karofsky. It would make more story sense for one or both of them to find someone completely new.

But alas, Kurt and Blaine living happily ever after together has not been definitively ruled out. A lot of mystery still shrouds “Glee’s” final season and maybe that’s for the best. Whatever it’s end, “Glee,” most assuredly will take its final bow with all the beauty, grace and heart it has always delivered and what the Gleeks around the world will love forevermore.

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