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'Glee' spoilers season premiere: Video, photos 'The New Rachel'

The season four premiere of "Glee" is just weeks away to the delight of many diehard fans. Splitting shoots between New York and Lima sets has meant loads of speculation and fun spoilers over the past several days. "The New Rachel," will obviously be focused mainly on Lea Michele's character. And new photos from the set, out this weekend, show us that things are really shaking up on the man front.

Photos from the set
Photos from the set

Check out the new season four promo to the left.

As you can see by the set sheet to the left, a new man is already making a move. Rachel confirms immediately that Finn is definitely in the Army and that her contact with him has been very limited.

What else can you expect from the big season premiere? Glee Fans Live reveals that while Rachel is in New York at NYADA, Kurt is hanging back in Lima at first to help recruit new members for glee club.

The episode will also mean several new characters, including Kate Hudson's role. Brody, Rachel's new love interest will make his first appearance as will Jade Puckerman.

Check out photos of Rachel's new pad.

Don't miss the "Glee" season four premiere on September 13.


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