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'Glee' spoilers season premiere: New promo shows unexpected rivalry (video)

"Glee" has always incorporated heated rivalries to bring drama and intensity to every season. From romantic love triangles to competition for coveted solo spots, the kids of McKinley are no stranger to battling it out for attention. And Rachel Berry is probably one of the biggest sources of competition. As season four kicks off next month, Rachel will find herself in an unexpected rivalry with a newcomer. A new promo, just released today, showcases the talent of Kate Hudson and her new character.

Lea Michele plays Rachel Berry on 'Glee'
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Watch the video to the left.

Despite being a mentor at NYADA, Hudson's character is clearly clinging to her days in the spotlight as a performer and rising star. Proclaiming she can "Out dance" the students, this intense character will no doubt bring a new dimension of drama to the show.

Rachel is clearly threatened by her new mentor, even using the word "hate" to describe her. Now that she is a small fish in a big pond, Rachel is going to have to adjust to not always being the most talented student.

The first episode will be very focused on Rachel and her new identity as a college student in New York. With new romance potential, new friends and new competition, there will be plenty of room for growth for Rachel's character this season.

Don't miss the season four premiere of "Glee" on Thursday, September 13 on Fox.


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