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'Glee' spoilers: Klaine drama, new Darren Criss, Chris Colfer photos

Twit pics from Ryan Murphy
Twit pics from Ryan Murphy

Just weeks away from the highly anticipated season four premiere of "Glee," fans are getting morsels of information leading up to the big night. From twit pics to major plot spoilers, there is no shortage of information to keep Gleeks interested as the summer winds down. On the forefront, there is plenty of relationship drama ahead for your favorite couples.

Darren Criss plays Blaine on 'Glee'
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Brad Falchuk spilled to TV Line this week that Klaine will be on a rocky road from the start.

"The real first obstacle for them is that Kurt is still in Lima and it's kind of depressing. Kurt is a little bit stuck in his old life and Blaine really pushes him to go to New York."

It doesn't take long for Kurt to realized that his old life pales in comparison to what his future could hold in New York.

"Kurt finds new things that excite him. The minutia of high school life is not quite as compelling to him, and that's hard for Blaine. He can't lean on Kurt the way he would have the year before. And I think it's also strange for Blaine to be in this school that he came to really only for Kurt. He didn't come because he wanted to go into public high school. So now he has to find his place [at McKinley] not as Kurt's boyfriend."

As Kurt and Blaine find themselves separated by distance, their story lines will include some fun twists. Kurt will be working with a fabulous new mentor, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. And Blaine will be taking on an alter ego, by the looks of a recent photo tweeted by show creator Ryan Murphy.

Unfortunately, Kurt and Blaine's relationship isn't the only one on the skids. As E! reported on Monday, there will be a great deal of heartache for a handful of couples on the show as the new season starts.


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