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‘Glee’ season5 spoiler: Rachel Berry as ‘Friends’ Rachel, who’s her Ross

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Glee’ loves to spoof on other shows and it looks like they will be re-enacting the opening scene of “Friends” in episode 14 of season 5. We understand that “Glee’s” Rachel Berry will play the part of “Friends” Rachel, according to a Feb. 5 post on Wetpaint. What we’re wondering is who will be her Ross?

The episode is entitled, “New New York.” The gang from Lima will be re-enacting the famous splashing in the fountain opening credits scene from the beloved 90s sitcom.

The photo was posted on Twitter by “Glee” producer, Bard Fulchuk. Notice it’s complete with brightly colored umbrellas and a sofa in front of the fountain just like the scene with our coffee-loving friends.

So far there has been no explanation as to why the kids are doing a ‘Friends’ impersonation or just who Blaine, Sam, Kurt, Artie and Santana are supposed to be. It probably has something to do with the fact that by episode 14, Blaine, Artie and Sam will have moved to New York to pursue their dreams and be with their other Lima friends.

We’re also hoping it means we’ll get to hear the cast do their version of the “Friends” theme song. Whatever it means, we are looking forward to episode 14, “New New York” on “Glee.”

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