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Glee season five finale

Glee opens up a lot of doors for the sixth and final season of Glee. Rumors from producers have told viewers that the show might take another time jump, and will definitely be in a new city. There were once rumors of a possible spin off series about the character of Rachel Berry. Those rumors probably stemmed from the fact that on the show they are writing a television pilot about the life of Rachel Berry. So, even though producers said the rumors were not true, there will not be a show after Glee is over about Rachel Berry, we still get something similar. That is the prediction for season six. The season will possibly revolve around Rachel’s television show, as well as the lives of the other characters.
Where will everyone else go and what happens to everyone else? We have an idea of what’s in Rachel’s future, but not as much for everyone else. Sam returns to Ohio and McKinley High School. He looks into the old choir room, now the new computer lab in the season finale. Does he stay in Ohio? Does he have a story line there possibly with Will, Emma, and Sue? Glee cannot lose those three important characters. They have been part of the show since the beginning. Maybe some of the newer Glee kids who have not yet graduated can still be part of the show with something along these lines.
Mercedes is still working towards her music career. She has taken many steps forward and several more backwards. Will Glee writers finally let her get all of her hopes and dreams? She let her boyfriend Sam go for a while. He gave up being a model for now, does that continue? Will they end up together before the series ends?
We have watched these characters grow and change over five incredible seasons. We laughed with them, grew with them, mourned deaths with them, made it through some tough issues with them, and now we will experience the end with them. Glee could never last forever, but with Cory Monteith’s passing came a reality that the show wouldn't last forever, especially without him. He was the glue, and the seams are now tearing apart without his storyline included. There is a possibility that Rachel will never find true love again, and producers have strayed away from this possibility to not hurt the memory of Cory. If she cannot find love, she can at least accomplish every dream she has dreamt up.
The finale to the episode was powerful. It watched all the characters go their separate ways and left every ones futures open. It would have been nice to have Santana included, something was missing without her. That final number was great. It included good music, great choreography, and even a few So You Think You Can Dance former contestants. Cannot wait to see what Glee has in store for their sixth and final season.

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