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‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Episode and song titles, Adam Lambert, 100th episode

‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Episode titles, song lists, Adam Lambert, 100th episode
‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Episode titles, song lists, Adam Lambert, 100th episode
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In the midst of winter, autumn seems such a distant memory and that’s when we last saw new episodes of “Glee” thanks to the long baseball delay and the untimely death of cast member Cory Monteith. According to Spoiler TV on Feb. 2, we finally have some information to share about the upcoming episodes including show titles and song lists. Read on if you want to read the season 5 spoilers.

Episode 5X09, “Frenemies,” will feature Adam Lambert and will air on Feb. 25. Songs include:

Whenever I Call You Friend sung by Artie & Tina

Brave, song by Rachel & Santana

My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It), sung by Artie & Tina

Don’t Rain On My Parade sung by Santana Lopez

I Believe In A Thing Called Love sung by Kurt & Elliott

Every Breath You Take sung by Rachel & Santana

Breakaway sung by Artie, Tina & Blaine

Episode 5X10, “Trio,” will feature guest appearances by Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato. Songs include:

Jumpin’ Jumpin’, sung by Tina, Sam & Blaine

Barracuda, sung by Rachel & Elliott

Don’t You (Forget About Me), sung by Tina, Sam & Blaine

Gloria, sung by Rachel, Santana & Elliott

Danny’s Song, sung by Will & Emma

The Happening, sung by Kurt, Dani & Elliott

Hold On, sung by Tina, Artie, Blaine, Sam, Rachel, Santana, Kurt, Dani & Elliott

Episode 5X11, “City of Angels,” This episode will be about Nationals and feature Skylar Astin of “Pitch Perfect” as Jean-Baptiste, serious competition from the singing club “Throat Explosion.” Songs include:

I Love L.A., sung by Artie, Jake, Blaine, Sam & Will

Vacation, sung by The Amazonians

Counting Stars, sung by Jean-Baptiste & Throat Explosion

Mr. Roboto, sung by Jean-Baptiste & Throat Explosion

More Than a Feeling, sung by New Directions

America, sung by New Directions

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, sung by New Directions

Episode 5X12, “100,” This is the 100th episode and is sure to be packed with special guests and returning cast members. Songs include:

Raise Your Glass, sung by Will & April

Defying Gravity, sung by Rachel, Kurt & Mercedes

Valerie, sung by Santana & Brittany

Keep Holding On, sung by Noah Puckerman

Toxic, sung by Quinn, Brittany & Santana

Happy, sung by Holly, Will, April, Blaine & Mercedes

Episode 5X13, “New Directions.” This episode will be Coach Sue Sylvester’s victory dance as she finally closes down the glee club which sets the stage for many of the cast moving over to New York City. Songs include:

Loser Like Me, sung by Artie, Tina, Sam & Blaine

Don’t Stop Believing, sung by Rachel, Kurt, Artie, Tina & Blaine

Total Eclipse of the Heart, sung by April & Will

Just Give Me A Reason, sung by Quinn & Puck

Be Okay, sung by Rachel & Santana

Party All the Time, sung by Holly Holliday

I’m Changing, sung by Kurt & Mercedes

“Glee returns on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Keep checking back here and we’ll keep bringing you the news, updates and spoilers as we find them.

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