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'Glee' season 4 brings new love for Rachel, the next step for Klaine

Will Finn and Rachel get back together?
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As the cast of "Glee" starts shooting for season four, the cast members are all starting to learn more about what lies ahead for their characters. Some favorites will be changing locations while others are hoping for "drama and spice" in their relationship story lines. On Monday, major spoiler news leaked with the announcement of new love interests.

Check out "Glee" at the Teen Choice Awards.

Fox revealed some exciting news for some new roles yesterday, also revealing the premise of the season premiere. Rachel will make her big debut in New York and will be getting a potential love interest. Playing an upperclassman at NYADA, Dean Geyer will join the "Glee" cast as Brody Weston.

Rachel isn't the only one moving away from her soul mate this season. Kurt and Blaine will face a dramatic change in their relationship as distance creates a major obstacle. But if you ask Darren Criss (Blaine) and Chris Colfer (Kurt), this change is welcome.

"I would like to do something besides say 'I love you,' and I think Darren and I agree on that," Colfer stated at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. "We're ready for the next step. They've been together for a while. Let's throw some spice and drama into that."

Fans of the show are eager to see where this season will lead given the casting changes and dual show locations. Split between New York and Ohio, there will be plenty of opportunity for big surprises.


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