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‘Glee’s’ shortened final season; Chris Colfer on Peter Pan episode he wrote

‘Glee’s’ shortened final season; Chris Colfer on Peter Pan episode he wrote
‘Glee’s’ shortened final season; Chris Colfer on Peter Pan episode he wrote
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

Glee” star Chris Colfer recently appeared on CBS’s “The Talk” to discuss the show, its final season and his new book. According to Broadway World on July 22, the young actor even tried his hand at writing one of the episodes for the series’ sixth and final season.

During his segment on the show, Colfer admitted he had initially declined an offer to ink a story for the show. Then he hit on inspiration with an idea for Kurt to join an assisted living center’s production of Peter Pan and decided to give it a try. Kurt is cast as Peter Pan, in what Colfer described as “It was absolutely selfish, what I wrote.”

Producers brought in four people from Cirque du Soleil who could act as stunt doubles for Colfer but he was insistent on doing the flying stunts himself. He said in the end, he handled the stunt work so well that they sent the Cirque du Soleil people home. When asked how he liked the flying and wearing the harness, he responded that he loved. However the next day was another story. He described it as being “Very Painful. You have marks on you, in your unspeakable places.”

As for this being the last season, Colfer is approaching things like a professional despite being one of the few remaining cast members. “The show is a lot of work,” he said. He is looking at like having “one more mountain to climb.” He says he is looking at it as a challenge he has to get through but has no doubt that once it is over he will spend a week being “devastated”, crying and calling everyone he knows.

Earlier this week, we learned, thanks to Gossip Center, that the hit musical dramedy was shortening the final season to just 13 episodes and why. FOX’s Chairman Peter Rice attended the TCA press tour and told reporters, “We want to go out in a way that celebrates it. We thought that a final 13 episodes and compacting it and doing it in a straight-run was a better way to finish the show."

He talked about how the network initially believed the show would fail before it premiered in 2009 but it surprised everyone. “I think Glee is one of the great shows in television history… it was so hot and so big. It touched so many hearts and it brought social issues to floor and it burned so hot and so fast.”

Season 6 of “Glee” will air on Fox later in the 2014-15 season, coming in at midseason. Check back for updates as we get them.