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Glee's newest graduates move to New York CIty

Glee Cast
Glee Cast
Photo by Frederick M. Brown

The McKinley High School Glee club graduates go to New York City. The opening number was strong and brilliant. It brought viewers back to the old school days of Glee when the original gang was all together. It was strong and relevant and entertaining. The song “Downtown,” by Petula Clark was a song written about someone visiting New York City for the first time. It was a great opening to the new world of Glee in New York City.
Viewers also witness the first struggles of Artie’s in New York City. Firstly, there is not room for Artie and Sam in Rachel’s town car from her producer, especially with Artie’s wheelchair. Sam and Artie offer to meet them, but you can see the sad disappointment on Artie’s face when he starts to realize New York City isn’t going to be like home for him and his disability. Artie also travels on the subway. He enjoys it until he gets mugged. Not only did he lose his backpack, but also his laptop with his only copy of the script he is working on. Life lesson, always back up your data!
Glee has always been the show to dig deep into controversial issues; we have seen the struggle with same sex couples from near the beginning of Glee time. A new issue is added to that here as the graduates move to New York. Blaine moves in with Kurt and issues arise. In this day in time young people do not get married right out of high school like was more common say thirty years ago. Young people jumping into living together and getting engaged is more looked down on now. So the issue isn’t as much that they are a same sex couple, but that they are trying to live together right out of high school.
Blaine helps Sam realize the chances out there for him in New York as they join street dancers while singing “Best Day of My Life.” Sam finally cuts his hair and gets a modeling job. They touch on the drug issues slightly before moving Sam out of the apartment he was going to live in. Sam moves to not be around the drugs being done by the other models. This is a touchy subject for Glee after the sudden death of Cory Monteith.
Adam Lambert continues his guest starring role on the show. He wasn’t very appealing to the general public during his days on American Idol. He wasn’t a fan favorite to many. Many really disliked him. He is growing on the Glee fans though, even those who didn’t care for him before. His strong acting skills help him become more appealing and even likable.
Rachel realizes she doesn’t need the town car provided by her producer. She knows she needs to live her own life experiences to grow into the star she wants to become. She also decides to help Artie ride the subway. He refused to after his mugging, but Rachel says she will ride the subway with him every day. They perform another, less well known, Petula Clark song, “Don’t Sleep in the Subway.” Great dancing and choreography for this number, very musical theatre. It was the best choreography viewers have seen in a while. They seem to be slacking in that department lately.
What is to come of Mr. Schuester? Does he interview for the Vocal Adrenaline job? Maybe we will find out next week, when we discover why Mercedes moves to New York as a surprise to everyone.

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