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‘Glee’s’ Chris Colfer’s Twitter account hacked; News of his being fired is false

‘Glee’s’ Chris Colfer’s Twitter account hacked; News of his being fired is false
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Death hoaxes and rumors of celebrities being fired are all the rage now and Chris Colfer, one of the fan favorite stars of “Glee” has felt the sting. According to BuzzFeed on July 3, the actor/singer recently had his Twitter account hacked and a tweet went out to followers indicating he’d been fired for “personal issues.”

The tweet went out shortly after noon on Thursday and just as the media was picking it up, 20th Century Fox began letting outlets know the report was untrue. The post was published on Colfer’s verified account and read:

“Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly...” Colfer is one of the few remaining original cast members and fans would have rioted if he’d been fired just before the final season began filming. The post has subsequently been taken down.

20th Century Fox, which produces “Glee” and Colfer’s publicist both reacted quickly to the news of the firing. Within 20 minutes they had both contacted BuzzFeed to verify that the post was false and that Colfer is still with show.

The studio released this statement, “We’ve been alerted that Chris Colfer’s Twitter account has been hacked. Rumors of his dismissal from Glee could not be further from the truth. We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season.”

Hoaxes about firings and deaths are common with celebrities. Just last month, actor Charlie Hunnam, who plays ‘Jax’ on FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” was the victim of a hoax when a Facebook page was set up to honor the ‘fallen star.’ The page alleged he had died in a car crash in England when in reality Hunnam was on location filming the final season of his show.

In May, reports that Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” had died in a car crash sent Twitter and Facebook buzzing with the news. R4eedus was also on location filming Season 5 of his show.

In both of these cases, the reports did not originate from the celebrity’s own social media account. This puts Colfer in a different group of victims. Thankfully, the post was seen quickly and addressed before media outlets started reporting the incorrect news.

We’re glad Colfer is still part of the show. It wouldn’t be the same without him. The seventh and final season of “Glee” will air this fall on Fox.

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